I Will Always Love You 1995 Jeff Chang
เพลงI Will Always Love You

ศิลปิน: Jeff Chang

อัลบัม: 绝对想念

ออกเมื่อ: 01-02-1995

My love I know

that I'll always love you

I said these words

the very first time when I met you

We've been together now

for many long years

And I still keep saying

these same words to you

I love you I love you

Cause you were always

there when I needed you most

I love you I love you

You gave me strength you game me hope

And you gave me all your love

Darling I know

there'll never be another you

In my life you're only one for me that I know

I'll never stop

saying these words to you

I like to thank you for your

and this is for you

I love you I love you


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