World In Motion 1989 Jackson Browne
เพลงWorld In Motion

ศิลปิน: Jackson Browne

อัลบัม: World In Motion

ออกเมื่อ: 23-05-1989

World In Motion (LP版) - Jackson Browne (杰克逊·布朗)

Written by:Browne Jackson/Doerge Craig


Sun going down in the USA


Down on Main there's a family sleeping in a doorway


Up to the door


Around the corner you can hear the sound


People dancing around the golden calf

Those who have not those who have


On the billboards and the TV screens


They got food and cars toys and trucks and jeans


Like a homeless child's fitfull dreams


Smiling faces way free from wanting


Life's abundances beyond counting




World in motion speed your change changes

Close your distances find your angel angels

Lose your fears and meet your dangers

World in motion


Once we were running through smoke and fire


Running into the sun


In the rush of youth for love and truth

Our deeds were done


Now we awake with a world at stake


And a race we run


We run


Sun going down on the USA


Sun coming up a hundred years away


On another world and another time


Things like hunger greed and hatred


One way or another gonna be eradicated


World in motion speed your changes

Close your distances drive your angels

Lose your fears and meet your dangers

World in motion


'Till the world I look out at this world and see


Is the world I know this world can be



You have a volunteer in me

Now come on


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