Ain't No Santa 2002 Trick Daddy
เพลงAin't No Santa

ศิลปิน: Trick Daddy

อัลบัม: Thug Holiday

ออกเมื่อ: 06-08-2002

Ain't No Santa (Final Edited Album Version) - Trick Daddy (崔克·迭地)

Turn it up because I have something to say ya'll


Ya'll pay attention ova there representing page county


You know what I'm saying


Everybody doing songs talking about what they got


And they jewelry and they cars

I'm gonna talk about something else we never had sh*t we real


And there damn sure ain't no Santa clause because if it was

Like Santa we would be having a thanksgiving dinner

While ya'll was dreaming of a white Christmas

I was out chillen wit my niggas out spilling trying to make a living

And if I robbed for a million

I just hope god would forgive me after I spent it on his children

See I was born in the struggle

89 stepdaddy's me and my mother and ten others

Let's see that's three sisters and 7 brothers

All we had was each other and or daddy because I love him

I never seen a flying reindeer

So if Rudolph called dog ya'll just tell him I ain't here

And I ain't the Grinch who like to steal Christmas

But if you pay attention you'll learn a lesson just listen

See I believe dat the children know our future

But if you don't raise them right they'll grow up and shoot cha

Ya'll best believe that all these lies you know what I'm saying


Fibb's and all des story's be like history

One month out the year you know


All dat walking martin Luther king did

And they only gave him justice one time

You tried to frame OJ and beat the sh*t out of Rodney king hell


I was born amongst racism

That's why the police hate me and I can see it in their faces

Yeah they wanna give ni**a cases

And they wanna see me in jail hell they can't wait to take me

Wanna hog tie me and take my bar

Take me off around Christmas cracker don't make me run

If you know the moral to the words of this song

What about the words of Rodney king can't we all get along

Huh cause niggas just when I nervous back

Matter fact saying those ova there where them terrorist

And they ain't coming back

Til bin laden and all those fighters are found dead

Shot up in the mountains of al qeda


I'd kill all dem motherf**kers every last one of them


All them son of a b**ches

All them funny names motherf**kers disrespecting my country and my people

I wish ya'll would get yo f**k a** out of my face

Free at last my a** Mr. President you ain't even press me

You ain't even get them to justice yet you better go get 'em


Mr. President tell me why my people doing bad

Some blacks wit no dads doing bad shooting bad

And fo sho getting a limo got a wardrobe

And I'm stuck wearing dis niggas clothes

Hell I go to school and dem teachers straight dog me

I try to learn but my brain just won't


I'm not dumb but mad and sad which I should be

You tried framing me


I'm forced to live wit out a job or work at mcd's

Or I could rob circuit city and get 5 or 3

Slang a 'caine its nothing but I'm scared to of tab

And if you think I'm gonna change you can kiss my a**

I just wanna say use that enough for personal use


Only personal use only


No capital a finces no way forst degree misdemeanors haha


And there damn sure ain't no Santa clause haha


And there sure ain't no Santa clause you snitching b**ches


I'm gonna smoke one on ya


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