Your Problem My Emergency 1995 Mxpx
เพลงYour Problem My Emergency

ศิลปิน: Mxpx

อัลบัม: Life In General

ออกเมื่อ: 27-07-1995

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Get a clue, I'm not here for you

And I'm not like you

I'm not gonna do what you say is right

'Cause then I'll end up just like you

I'm gonna rebel, I'm gonna fight

This organized manipulation


Learn to think before you speak

And you just might make a point


I'm just an average guy, is that hard to accept?

I live a normal life I've got no regrets

Don't make me out to be something that I'm not

I never said I was anything, so don't expect me to be


Why is your problem always my emergency?

This is no court of law, you're all speculation

Sex masquerades as rock and roll


And manufactured music to save your soul

So go and do your homework

Demographics target marketing


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