Love Is The Power 1988 Teddy Pendergrass
เพลงLove Is The Power

ศิลปิน: Teddy Pendergrass

อัลบัม: Joy

ออกเมื่อ: 26-04-1988

Love Is The Power (LP版) - Teddy Pendergrass


Written by:Joel Davis/Reggie Calloway/Vincent Calloway


It's been a long time coming


You brought my love

Back to life


With you lovely smile baby


Searched the world over


There is no other


I'd rather love you now


Since you came and brought me love


You erased all the hurt and the pain I've known




And I'm still in need of you


Bring me back to life baby


Your love is the power baby


Your love your love


Your love is the power


Oh yeah


Come on


With me


I turned the world over


Round and round again



Trying to find the one to be

My angel pain and sin


And then you brightened up my life


Girl you make my whole world

Right you are the one


You're my everything baby


'Cause when I turned to you


You knew how to love me


You gave me my dream and my soul

How I long to sing oh


Singin' out on that solo


I keep relivin' in my heart baby


I can feel it


Way down deep in my soul


Ohhh yeah


Come on


To me


I want to tell you about love


Oh yes I do


Come on with me


See now's the time


To give you all of my love and


Oh yes it is


Come on to me


And I dont mind


Giving you just what you need


Come on to me


Na na na na na


Oh yeah yeah




I don't mind


Tell me all about


How you make me feel seeiiii

Seached the world over over and over and over again


And I never found nobody like you


All that that can do all the thing's that you do

That you do

That you do

That you do




And everytime that we make love


I can feel the chills running

Up and down my spine


Oh yes I do


I love it


I want it


I need it


Right now right now right now I feel the need of you


I want you baby I need you baby


I got so many things in my mind


So many things I want to try right now


Right here with you


You and me


Me and


You don't know what you dealing baby


But I don't mind


Tell the whole world about this night


I've never I've never felt like this before


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