Bring It On (feat. Fat Joe) (Clean) 1999 Terror Squad
เพลงBring It On (feat. Fat Joe) (Clean)

ศิลปิน: Terror Squad

อัลบัม: Terror Squad

ออกเมื่อ: 21-09-1999

Hello' I am me' who the hell are you?

I bring a word from the dead

This is the day they shall re-animate

And get their claws on your necks

A pack of raging wolves are howling

Awakes from their sleep of sin

hail to the creeps -HAIL!

Thunder unleashed - HAIL!

No beasts so fierce

Bring it on' bring it on big time

Bring it on' Bring it on down

Bring it on

the rancorous return from their graves

Won't you bring it on' bring it on big time

bring it on' bring it on down

bring it on

behold your town will burn

as the raging hounds return

The rampant helldogs

rampaging near

the unholy prolifarates

they taste your blood

and they smeel your fear

on your mark - get set -


Ominious hae

dispersing by the moonlights order

they got their prey

theyre gone with your daughters claimed their souls

turned 'em into martyrs

they will burn

as the hounds return


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