You Don't Smell Like Flowers 1997 Bob Rivers
เพลงYou Don't Smell Like Flowers

ศิลปิน: Bob Rivers

อัลบัม: Best Of Twisted Tunes Vol. 1

ออกเมื่อ: 11-11-1997


You Don't Smell Like Flowers (LP版) - Bob Rivers (鲍伯·瑞福斯)

You don't take a shower

You don't put the seat down

You hardly cook for me anymore


When I come home from the bar

Where I spend half the day


I remember when your manners didn't bug me

You used to aim when you'd pee

Now after frank and beans late at night

Well I can't hold it in


So I just let it fly

And it stinks like a meadow

Full of steaming cow pies


You could say "excuse me"


You could turn the fan on


You don't smell like flowers anymore


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