Smokin' 100's Alone (LP Version) 1997 The Bottle Rockets
เพลงSmokin' 100's Alone (LP Version)

ศิลปิน: The Bottle Rockets

อัลบัม: 24 Hours A Day

ออกเมื่อ: 12-08-1997

Smokin' 100's Alone - The Bottle Rockets

She's smoking 100's alone


Thinking about the

man that done her wrong


happy that she kicked

him out but sad that he is gone


she's smoking 100's alone


another cup of coffee


down the hatch


another cigarette as soon as

she finds a match


feeling more like a loser


as each minute drags on


she's smoking 100's alone


everytime it ends up this way

she says she is learned her lesson


this time is he gone to stay


she's getting tired of guessing


then she looks at his dirty

laundry down the hall


where's he at why hasnât he called


he's got to know she'll take

him back she's sitting by the phone


smoking 100's alone


yea she is smoking 100's alone


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