Brother L.A. (Album Version) 1993 Daniel Lanois
เพลงBrother L.A. (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Daniel Lanois

อัลบัม: For The Beauty Of Wynona

ออกเมื่อ: 23-03-1993


Brother you wait up late when you finish the midnight shift and you try to put out the hate and you know it's going to drift Brother you're going down down from the fountain blue you can call on the one the one that you knew It feels right with you my brother it feels right when you're right here No, I don't want to know every mountain, every fear I'm the big old brother who can always pick you up Who can fill your pocket when you're all messed up The sea that promises defeat is the flood that will come The heat that keeps your habit warm is the flame that will burn Are you wearing your filters? Are you changing your clothes? Are you wearing your colors? So that nobody knows Oh brother, brother, brother, brother of mine Are you big brother, who'll pick me up Fill my pockets when I'm all messed up Invitation you don't have to hide no more Gimme something I don't mind you can lay it down on me You can say it I wanna know... Oh brother, brother, brother brother of mine Oh sister, sister, sister sister of mine... look for my brother look for my brother look for my brother look for my brother


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