Paprika Plains 1987 Joni Mitchell
เพลงPaprika Plains

ศิลปิน: Joni Mitchell

อัลบัม: Don Juan's Reckless Daughter

ออกเมื่อ: 07-07-1987

Paprika Plains (LP版) - Joni Mitchell (琼妮·米切尔)

Written by:Joni Mitchell


It fell from midnight skies


It drummed on the galvanized


In the washroom women tracked the rain

Up to the make-up mirror


Liquid soap and grass


And Jungle Gardenia crash

On Pine-Sol and beer


It's stifling in here


I've got to get some air


I'm going outside to get some air


Back in my hometown


They would have cleared the floor

Just to watch the rain come down


They're such sky oriented people


Geared to changing weather


I'm floating off in time


I'm floating off

I'm floating off in time


When I was three feet tall


And wide eyed open to it all


With their tasseled teams they came

To McGee's General Store


All in their beaded leathers


I would tie on colored feathers


And I'd beat the drum like war


I would beat the drum like war


I'd beat the drum like


Beat the drum like war


But when the church got through


They traded their beads for bottles


Smashed on Railway Avenue


And they cut off their braids


And lost some link with nature


I'm floating into dreams


I'm floating off

I'm floating into my dreams


I dream paprika plains


Vast and bleak and God forsaken


Paprika plains


And a turquoise river snaking


The rain retreats


Like troops to fall on other fields and streets


Meanwhile they're sweet talking and name calling

And brawling on the fringes of the floor


I spot you through the smoke

With your eyes on fire

From J and B and coke


As I'm coming through the door


I'm coming back

I'm coming back for more


The band plugs in again


You see that mirrored ball begin to sputter lights

And spin


Dizzy on the dancers


Geared to changing rhythms


No matter what you do


I'm floating back

I'm floating back to you


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