Crazy Sister 1995 Dave Stewart
เพลงCrazy Sister

ศิลปิน: Dave Stewart

อัลบัม: Greetings From The Gutter

ออกเมื่อ: 28-02-1995

Crazy Sister - Dave Stewart

Driving me home in your car watching you drive


Through obstacles and icicles, keeping my mind on its lead


Keeping it warm, with chemicals and therapy


Turn it on take me over crazy sister


Digging a hole in your heart

Watching you breathe, punishment and oxygen

Letting my mind off its lead


I watched it disappear, to somewhere dark and reassuring


Turn it on (can you believe it)

Take me over (it's psychomazingly true)


Turn it on Take me over crazy sister


Staying at home. Plugging it in

Kissing the screen, being a god

Staying at home, screwing it in

Fucking the screen, being a god


can you feel it


Crazy sister


can you believe it


Crazy sister


Turn it on


Crazy sister...



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