Where Do Daddies Go 1992 Neal McCoy
เพลงWhere Do Daddies Go

ศิลปิน: Neal McCoy

อัลบัม: Where Forever Begins

ออกเมื่อ: 12-05-1992

Where Do Daddies Go - Neal McCoy

She drops him off at 8 a.m.


and picks him up at 5


A single mother working

hard to raise her baby right


He's talkin' now he's at that age,

the ask a million question

stage and he expects an answer

when he asks about life,


like mommy can you tell me

what makes airplanes fly and

why do flowers need the rain to grow.


There's only one thing she can't answer

no matter how she tries, where do daddies go?


Where do daddies go?


She's halfway through his favorite book

when he falls fast asleep,


she reads the ending anyways

and kisses him and leaves.


She's knows she's got an uphill climb,

There's things he'll want to know in time


and she prays that God will give

her all the answers she needs.


Like mommy could you teach me how to throw a ball

and would you show me how to use my fishin' pole.


There's a lot of thinfs I need to know,

but most of all


Where do daddies go?


Where do daddies go?


I know it makes her wonder as the teardrops fall,


Where do daddies go?

Where do daddies go?


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