Turn It On (Album Version) 1992 Lindsey Buckingham
เพลงTurn It On (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Lindsey Buckingham

อัลบัม: Out Of The Cradle (DMD Album)

ออกเมื่อ: 16-06-1992

Turn It On - Lindsey Buckingham

Now, someone has left you alone


Somehow you will carry on


You are the man


Do what you can


Just go out and turn it on


You can fight, you can pray,

you can reach for the sky


You can heal someone's soul,

you don't even know why


Turn it on


Now, someone is dead and gone


The hurt that you feel makes you strong


Time is allowed


Make him proud


Just go out and turn it on


You can love, you can hate,

you can laugh, you can cry


You can run for your life,

you can live, you can die


Turn it on


You can hurt, you can heal,

you can reach for the light


You could trust in yourself if you'd give it a try


Turn it on


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