Day Or Night 1988 Little Feat
เพลงDay Or Night

ศิลปิน: Little Feat

อัลบัม: The Last Record Album

ออกเมื่อ: 26-01-1988

Day Or Night - Little Feat

You Can Say What You Want

People Runnin Talkin It’s All Going On Up and Down the Street

Young Girls Selling Their Wares no Cares

Ah History’s Left Its Mark Aha

Old Folks That Were Able

Now Can Table It At Their Own Expense

They Wouldn’t Miss It They Don’t Care If s It’Day Or Night


Oh the City She Makes

Sometimes Your Soul to Feel Floating Just Like a Leaf in the Wind

Street Is Stream So It Carries You Past Your

Present Schemes til There Is no End

Left Right in the Alley

No One Catches You But the Gentle Wind

There Ain’t no Jane no Jill no Sally to See You Through

There Ain’t no Jane no Jill no Sally to See You Through


So You Do What You Want


And Pretend Again That It’s Time to Roam cause You Can’t Go Home

Maybe You’ll Find Your Way Today

But While You’re At It You’ll Have Some Fun

And Through Tears of Laughter

You Know It’s Nothing Until You Find Someone

You Wouldn’t Miss It

You Don’t Care If It’s Day Or Night Day Or Night


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