Call From Triumph's Son (Album Version) 2003 Triumph The Insult Comic Dog
เพลงCall From Triumph's Son (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: Triumph The Insult Comic Dog

อัลบัม: Come Poop With Me (U.S. Version) (PA Version)

ออกเมื่อ: 04-11-2003

Call From Triumph's Son (Album Version) - Triumph The Insult Comic Dog





Son yes


How are you spat


I'm sorry loser

Yes I I know that


Oh your mom died

Yes that's very sad yes


I'm sorry you know

I'm just just refresh me which one was your mam


She was Brazilian




Which one


She was brown and white


I'm sorry more specific


White spark on the left eye


Sorry more specific


She had three legs


OK more specific please


She could pee standing up


Didn't square

Yes yes I remember



She died


That's a loss for all of us



That's at the end

How I lose she


That's right

Yes she was experienced



There's going to bury her good


So she not going to be stuff


One last time

You know there was


You are died on person for them

Joe cooking


Oh well any where

I'm not going to be able to make that I have a show that night



No I know you haven't told me today

I just soon your bed in hair

Light the way

Yeah she is Jewish



So she is in a better place yes

And look I really have to go

And stay in school and don't eat chocolate


What is it


You raising the scrip


You want me to look at it sure


Oh I'm losing you


No I'll be happy to


I'm going to down a


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