Looks Like You Started Something 1999 Linda Eder
เพลงLooks Like You Started Something

ศิลปิน: Linda Eder

อัลบัม: It's No Secret Anymore

ออกเมื่อ: 28-09-1999

George Washington began a revolution

Which started something called the constitution

Then all those pioneers with resolution

Progressed due West

There's always someone finding a beginning

An Eve to tempt poor Adam into sinning

A double day to say three outs per inning

That's all play ball

I was all through with romance

Figured love was kaput

No more pretending, no happy ending

Then like a bolt from the blue

You walked into my life

Clever and charming, slightly alarming

Just when I thought that my love life was all past tense

Suddenly you start making sense


I was prepared to simply call it a day

Ready for love to turn the lights out

Then all my reasons found your rhyme in the nick of time

Looks like you started something now


I wasn't ready for this was content all alone

Studio flat, sir, maybe a cat, sir

Hey, this is now that was then I'm in business again

Using your razor, driving your blazer

Just when I thought my libido was fireproof

You fan my flames right through the roof


You are the lightening striking Ben Franklin's kite


You are the kitty-hawk of romance


You are Columbus setting out 'cause without a doubt


Looks like you started something now


I sense a brand new beginning


Something akin to break of day


You are the start of a new career

You're the crowing of chanticleer

Saying, "Wake up and smell the coffee"

I don't know where we're going or for how long

So I'll rely on fundamentals


'Cause if a kiss is still a kiss let's not finish this


Looks like you started something

You really started something

Looks like you started something now


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