At My Window 1970 The Beach Boys
เพลงAt My Window

ศิลปิน: The Beach Boys

อัลบัม: Sunflower

ออกเมื่อ: 31-08-1970

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At My Window - The Beach Boys

Birds fly up

And down spinnin' round

Flyin' all around

From my window

A little brown sparraw came

Flutterin' down

Le moineau est venu


Se poser ma fenjtre

He came to my window

And as I watched him

I found myself reelin'

and turnin' around

And the faster I ran

I ran out of breath

and I fell to the ground



He came to my window

He came to my window

He came to my window

From their eyes

The people must look like miniature toys

Do do do do do

Do do do do do do

Fly away


Fly away

Fly away



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