Spies 1989 Randy Newman

ศิลปิน: Randy Newman

อัลบัม: Born Again

ออกเมื่อ: 09-05-1989

Spies (LP Version) - Randy Newman

Little mama


From Japan


Sent by her Masters


To a foreign land


"Go out with the sailors


Hang 'round the dock


Get out of the way


When the bombs start to drop"

You know she's a...




Be careful what you say, boys




She looks just like a schoolgirl


Big fat Russian Looks into a buffalo


Check into a dude ranch


In New Mexico Nearby in the desert


Great scientific minds


Struggle with questions Of Space and Time


Watch out for him Spy


You can tell he ain't no cowboy


Spy Vhoaaa !


If you love this country


And I hope you do


Then listen closely


To what I say to you


They're in the shipyard


They're in the factory


And they might look just like you


might look just like me

But they're...




Everywhere you go see 'em



They even got 'em in Chicago



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