Middle Age Waistline 1997 Bob Rivers
เพลงMiddle Age Waistline

ศิลปิน: Bob Rivers

อัลบัม: Best Of Twisted Tunes Vol. 1

ออกเมื่อ: 11-11-1997


Middle Age Waistline (LP Version) - Bob Rivers

I eat Mrs. Fields


I snack between meals


You can see my crack above my Levis


I don't need to diet


To prove I'm light


And I don't peel the skin off of my chicken

Yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah


Deep fry


Don't exercise


And grow that middle age waistline


It salivates my glands


To smell a fresh roast ham


So put out the butter and pass the rolls right over


A second helping here


A hefty mug of beer


Let's get some dinner before the food gets colder


Middle age waistline


I got a spandex waistband


Middle age waistline oh yeah

Not a crumb gets wasted


My belts busted!


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