Count It 2018 Bhad Bhabie; $hirak
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ศิลปิน: Bhad Bhabie; $hirak

อัลบัม: 15

ออกเมื่อ: 18-09-2018

B**ch, you're just mad

You think you know me and you don't

You don't know the real-life situations

I've been through and what really goes on in my life

All you know is what you see

Don't believe everything you see on the internet

I'm just tired of everybody's opinion

Like y'all need to just hear the real story

Stomp that B**ch

Finally reached out to my dad

We met at the mall on some other sh*t

Pissed off by his tattoos

'Cause they had the names of his other kids

Like f**k me, I don't exist

And you actin' like I'm s'posed to praise you?

My whole life you bought a pair of J's

Now you think I'm s'posed to say, "Thank you"?

Swear I knew I didn't need dad

My mom was pissed, I was sellin' pills

Couldn't even afford rehab

So she put me on Dr. ****

Got on stage and f**kin' blacked out

I look up, I'm in a ranch now

Did four months in solitary

Bet that y'all know it ain't a act now

f**k it, hit a ho with no bars

I remember seein' Clay kill a staff member,

Jimmy with a crowbar

They fled the scene in Alicia's car

Came home jumped on the scene

I look online and I'm a f**kin' meme

Said I'd shoot my mom, I on't go f**kin' mean

You don't know what I seen

What the f**k you mean?

I took all the pain in my heart

Carried that sh*t to the charts

Even when they protested, I still got more blessings

I never dissed my mom to get some attention

Take a second and listen

'Fore you give your dumbass opinion, you B**ch

You ain't seen nothin'

You don’t know what I’ve been through

You haven't been there with me

So don't tell me what I went through

Don't tell me that I disrespect my mom for the f**k of it

Don't tell me I’m just bad for the f**k of it

B**ch you don't know my life

You don’t know what I been through

Unless you were there with me

You can't tell me nothing ho

So after 6 months of being on Dr. **** show

I finally got home (Finally I was gone for so long)

And I got home from a ranch

And it was pretty miserable

I had no touch (f**king horrible)

Like I was not in touch with the internet

I did not know what was going on

To the real world (At all)

This place was far away from anything

Like no phones no internet no nothing

Like there wasn't even service there (nothing)

And a couple a weeks after being home

I finally decided that I wanted a meet

With my best friend again

(I just missed her and I wanted to see her again)

Someone who was not good for me at all

But I ended up going to her house to see her

And instantly like I say it was the next day

'Cause she had slept over my house

We just got back to doing our old sh*t again


Like like trying to finesse people for money

Like just doing really really dumb sh*t again

(Like really really dumb sh*t)

So since I was back outside the house

My mom decided to give me my phone

Because I was running around with Zandaline

(Take your phone back dani)

She wanted to make sure that if something happened

I could be able to call her or whatever

So (Just in case)

I logged into my Instagram

That I hadn’t been on for almost 7 months now

(Should of just stayed off of it)

And every all these people were following me

Everyone was commenting on my pictures

I had almost like 500,000 followers

And I was like what the f**k is this

So I went on the explore page

And there was a bunch of memes

That was just my face

That said catch me outside

And I was like

What the f**k is this

Like I had never

Like I never even imagined that would happen

(This sh*ts just so stupid)

Like I didn't even remember saying catch me outside

That's the funniest thing

Like until I seen the bit from the show

I didn't even remember I said that

Like that sh*t was so irrelevant

(This sh*t's so irrelevant)

Like it was just some random ass sh*t

So like a couple weeks later I had 600,000 followers

And it was crazy I was like

These people didn’t even know if it was my real account

Like I had never verified that it was my real sh*t

So it was kind of crazy

(They were just following it cause I guess

People had liked my pictures) And then my

And Then now this guy Adam had knocked on my door

And I was like can I help you like what do you want

And he was like

Do you sing? Do you rap? Do you do anything?

And he was like well I wanna bring you to LA

So me I was like LA okay cool

(Just trust me I'll make you a star)

So I went out there

I met Meechie and I met um Adam's management partner dan

(I got you that check Barb are we cool)

And I stayed out there for a little bit

I did some interviews

And did some videos and stuff

And then

I went back to Florida

And me and ZZ were just like walking like the streets

Where it's like going to the beach and stuff

And people kept taking pictures of me

And they kept like

We kept getting into fights

And like even some of ZZ’s friends got into fights about me

And I was getting sued for it I was getting blamed for it

So I then I hired my body guard Frank (hey I'm Frank)

Because he a big ass muhf**ker

And he'll beat up everybody and they mama

(Just go f**k yourself)

So me and ZZ had went somewhere with one of her friends

And we ended up getting tattoos that night

And I didn't tell Adam I was gonna do it

Because I didn't think he would care like

I didn't think he really like gave a f**k

So I ended up getting a tattoo

The tattoo I have on my arm (It says family first)

And I went home

And Adam had called me and he

Or he FaceTimed me and he seen it

And he was like oh my god

Your going to f**king

You're you're you're going back to LA

I can't have you out here doing this sh*t

Like you're going to f**k yourself

You're going to get in trouble

This is not happening anymore

So before he had sent me back to LA

That day I met this girl Gabby

Who I then started dating

Or talking to for a couple months

(I don't know why.. I really don't know why)

And I was living with her in her trailer

And it was crazy like every time I'd go outside

Like there was all the neighborhood kids

Were surrounding like her house

(Everyone wanted to see me and take pictures)

And meanwhile while my dad

Was trying to get back in my life

And I didn't understand why

So I told him like

No I don't want you to be in my life

Like 14 years and you haven't been here

Now all of a sudden

You see I have fans and followers and all this

And now you wanna get back in my life like no

It's not gonna work that way (Nope)

He didn't like that so he went to press

He went to other cops (Everywhere you could imagine)

He went to news stations

And other TV hosts and all this sh*t

Facebook, Instagram, twitter (Dumbass)

Talking all the sh*t he possibly could

Just trying to sabotage my whole career(He just wanted money)

That wasn't a career yet(He just wanted his voice to be heard)

He wanted to make sure that every time I went to court

He went as well and tried to f**k sh*t up

He lied to the judge

Told the judge I was suicidal

Told the judge I needed sexual ed classes

Like just a bunch of unnecessary bullsh*t

So fast forward f**k my dad (f**k his B**ch P***y ass)

Then my manager was like okay

Let's go to this recording studio

I have a few people I want you to meet

So I went there,

I met this A&R Aton (What's good Bhad Bhabie)

And he was like well we have this song

Like we want you to record it

We want to see how you sound

(We gotta try this out, lets try this)

And it was just literally just

Hi Bich, Hi Bich, Hi Bich

It was not no other (it's just a hook right now)

(But we'll work on this) No other lyrics

It was just a beat and the words "Hi Bich"

So we made some verses and finished the hook

(Yo Aton this sh*t is fire) And Aton loved the song

(Dan, Adam, Mike Caren call the lawyers)

And he was like you know what

You're gold

I wanna sign you


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