Ps77 2008 Zao

ศิลปิน: Zao

อัลบัม: All Else Failed

ออกเมื่อ: 18-03-2008

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Ps77(All Else Failed Album Version new Master) - Zao


Cry out to god for help


I cried out to god to hear me


When I was distressed I sought the lord


I stretched out my hand


But found no comfort


I remembered you god and I groaned


My spirit it grew faint


You kept my eyes from closing


When I was to troubled to speak


I thought about the former days


I remember my songs in the night


My heart mused my spirit inquired


Will the lord reflect forever


Will he never show his favor again


Has this unfailing love vanished forever

Has his promise or will since failed for all time


Has god forgotten to be merciful

Has his anger withheld his compassion


Then I thought


To this I will appeal the


Years of the right hand of the most high

I will remember the deeds of the lord


Yes I remember your deeds of long ago

I will meditate on all your works


And consider all your mighty deeds

Your ways oh god are holy


What god is so great as our god


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