South Of The Border (Mother's Milkin' It Mix) 2003 Robbie Williams
เพลงSouth Of The Border (Mother's Milkin' It Mix)

ศิลปิน: Robbie Williams

อัลบัม: Angels

ออกเมื่อ: 01-03-2003

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Name of Coc*ine Katie

She makes my temperature freeze

She's got a blood red powder

When she gives a shout

She'll bring you to your knees

Well, we were being clever playing God games forever

She said she only meant to please

But I'm someone's brother, got a father and a mother

You know I'm going to have to leave

South of the border

South of the border

I think you oughta

I think you oughta

Cos you know you're gonna have to leave

To a place where you can breahte

And you know there's no reprieve

There'll be tears on leaving

But there won't be no grieving

Cos a city soon forgets

To me it's magic

To the landlord it's tragic

He's got another room let

There'll be the same old faces in the same old places


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