Animal Song 1998 Martin Sexton
เพลงAnimal Song

ศิลปิน: Martin Sexton

อัลบัม: The American

ออกเมื่อ: 06-10-1998

Animal Song - Martin Sexton

You cuddle the cats

Pet all the pups

I'm left here playing the fool


Love how they look

Love how they play

Apparently animals rule


So I howl at the moon


And I beg and do tricks for you


What's the matter, baby

Ain't I an animal, too


I hunt like a hawk

Purr like a kitten

Almost as loyal as your dog


Kiss me tonight

Pretend I'm your prince

I will gladly be your big bull frog


And I howl at the moon


And I'll beg and do tricks for you


Oh, what's that child

Is there no satisfying you


Maybe if I howl

Maybe if I howl

Will that do it for you


Apparently you want someone

who won't talk back to you


That ain't me child


That ain't me


Now I sing like a bird

Run like a stallion

Mean as your pit-bull in June

But you're causin' me pain

You're pullin' on my chain

And that ain't something I'd be doin'


I ain't gonna howl at the moon for you


And I ain't gonna beg,

I ain't gonna roll over too


'Cause I found out yesterday


All my friends the information

they've been saying to me

That I'm too much animal for you

Too much animal for you baby


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