From Here To There And Back 2003 Slim Dusty
เพลงFrom Here To There And Back

ศิลปิน: Slim Dusty

อัลบัม: Trucks On The Track

ออกเมื่อ: 28-11-2003

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A truckies reputation,

Is anything but good,

But we’d never see you stranded,

We'd do the best we could,

Yeah we push 'em through the cities,

From coast to coast and back,

We drive the mighty semi's

The Volvo and the Mack.


Oh it may not be the brightest one,

This job we have to do,

But still there must be someone,

To get the semi's through,

Here we take them through the country,

We push 'em constantly,

We drive the mighty semi's,

The Merc and BMC.


Oh the miles are long and many,

And the comforts short and few,

But the wheels are kept a-rollin',

To get the cargo through,

Oh we shove 'em o'er the desert,

We do the best we can,

We drive the mighty semi's,

The Leyland and the Man.


The thankless miles are many,

That we steep behind the wheel,

But a cap nap in the cabin,

Will straighten out the keal,

Oh we push 'em on regardless,

We roll 'em day and night,

We drive the mighty semi's,

The Transtar and the White.




Oh the purring of the Jimmies

Three hundred horses strong,

Makes the mighty Kenworth,

Move the load along,

Oh we push 'em 'cross the country,

To get from here to there,

With the boys that drive the semi's,

From here to ”lord knows where”.


The heavy rig beneath us,

We handle, no mistake,

No matter what condition,

No matter what the make,

Hey we tail them through the hardships,

And every western track,

We're the boys that drive the semi's,

From here to there and back.


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