East Of Eden 1993 Michael Mcdonald
เพลงEast Of Eden

ศิลปิน: Michael Mcdonald

อัลบัม: Blink Of An Eye

ออกเมื่อ: 03-08-1993

The world goes mad around us

As I stand by and watch you sleep


In the hope that harm won't find us

I pray the lord our souls to keep


Does he see us here?


Are we precious in his sight?


Or are we merely dust on this tiny ball?


He hurled out into nightthe


Somewhere east of eden


From the first time that we stumble


We learn that nothing is assured


However hopelessly we tumble


It's by the grace of god that we endure


If there's some better place


Far from all that's wrong


But if god in his wisdom

Saw fit to put you here


Then here is where I belong


Somewhere east of eden


Maybe he laughs in our face


By way of the cold hard fact


That these moments framed in time and space


Are the same ones nothing can bring back


Maybe we exist and wonder through this world

Just to lead each other home


From somewhere east of eden


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