Family Life (Album Version) 1996 The Blue Nile
เพลงFamily Life (Album Version)

ศิลปิน: The Blue Nile

อัลบัม: Peace At Last

ออกเมื่อ: 01-06-1996

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Family Life - The Blue Nile

Starlight do you know me


Please, don't look at me now


I'm falling apart


Silver on the window


Like the bike I once had


At home in the yard


Jesus love let me down and I know where you are


It might lead somewhere


Gather me in snowfall


the cars going by the north and the south


Flowers on the table


And the coffee gets cold


Like the milk in my mouth


Sailing on no honeymoon


Just separate chairs in separate rooms


Jesus, please

Make us happy sometimes


No more shout


No more fight


Family life


Tomorrow will be Christmas


We'll be singing old songs


And light up the tree


God and all the mercy


And say all your prayers


For little old me


Jesus, you


Wipe the tears from her face


And the sound of his voice


Family life


Yeah, yeah




Jesus, I go to sleep and I pray


For my kids


For my wife


Family life




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