Elephant's Memory 2000 Martin Sexton
เพลงElephant's Memory

ศิลปิน: Martin Sexton

อัลบัม: Wonder Bar

ออกเมื่อ: 10-10-2000

Elephant's Memory - Martin Sexton

Calling, calling


Father wanted to run away


With the circus as a kid


Or a teen escape to the priestly way


And in a way he almost did


Twelve children 'round the supper table


Every blessed one is his


Chanting ten turns 'round the rosary

The holy circus that it is.


And me, I'm looking on

with elephant's memory

At that old elephant in the living room


You know the one we try not to see

The one who aint gonna be leaving too soon

soon soon soon


He's calling, he's calling.


Mother asked me what I'm grateful for


We make up something one by one


Father says forgive us sinners lord


Staring right at me when he's done


Baby sees the elephant

like she sees the steam rising off her plate


But soon enough she'll fall in line


And finally learn to look away

away away away away away away

As the secrecy's

calling calling

As the secrecy's


keeping the lock on the gate

Guarding us in our safe place

Watching and waiting for

someone to step out of line

Enforcing with anti-grace


All of you keepers

and wanna be sleepers

Wake up there's a message so clear

I saw the elephant

and I looked him in the eye

And he begged me

not to tell you he's here he's here

he's here. He's here

he's here. here He's here

And he's calling, calling. calling calling


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