The End Of The World (Remastered Version) (Remastered LP Version) 2005 Laurie Anderson
เพลงThe End Of The World (Remastered Version) (Remastered LP Version)

ศิลปิน: Laurie Anderson

อัลบัม: Talk Normal: The Laurie Anderson Anthology

ออกเมื่อ: 04-01-2005

The end of the world - Laurie anderson

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome back to London Laurie Anderson.






Hi. This evening I'll be reading from a book

I just finished and since a lot of it is about the future


I'm going to start more or less on the last page


And tell you about my grandmother


Now she was a Southern Baptist Holy Ruler


And she had a very clear idea about the future


And of how the world would end


In fire

In fire


Like in Revelations

Like in Revelations


And when I was ten my grandmother told me

The world would end in a year


So I spent the whole year praying and reading the Bible


And alienating all my friends and relatives


And finally the big day came


And absolutely nothing happened. Just another day




Now my grandmother was a missionary


And she had heard that the largest religion in the world was Buddhism


So she decided to go to Japan to convert Buddhists


And to inform them about the end of the world

And to inform them about the end of the world


And she didn't speak Japanese


So she tried to convert them with a combination of

Hand gestures, sign language and hymns, in English




The Japanese had absolutely no idea what she was trying to get at


And when she got back to the United States


She was still talking about the end of the world


And I remember the day she died


She was very excited.


She was like a small bird perched on the edge of her bed

Near the window in the hospital


Waiting to die


And she was wearing these pink nightgowns


And combing her hair so she'd look pretty for the big moment

When Christ came to get her




And she wasn't afraid but then

Just at the very last minute something happened that changed everything


Because suddenly, at the very last minute she panicked.


After a whole life of praying and predicting the end of the world, she panicked


And she panicked because she couldn't decide whether or not to wear a hat




And so when she died she went into the future in a panic


With absolutely no idea of what would be next



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