Maybe (Duet With Holly Dunn) 1989 Kenny Rogers
เพลงMaybe (Duet With Holly Dunn)

ศิลปิน: Kenny Rogers

อัลบัม: Something Inside So Strong

ออกเมื่อ: 14-02-1989

Maybe (Duet With Holly Dunn) (Album Version) - Kenny Rogers



Is a word that hangs between us


It's the thing to say when all else has failed


Maybe we've failed, maybe




But I can't bare to say it's over


Till the love we've found is hopelessly lost


Maybe I could, maybe not


Our lives might have come unwound


But have we come so far


That we can't turn the hurt

That we can't turn the heart around


Our hearts still remain the same


Ohh first to wonder why?


Ooh ask to make a change


But maybe, maybe


If we hold on to tomorrow


Just hold on, just hold on


Then we just might find a feeling again, not let it end




Is a word that hangs between us


Maybe time will help the wondering to stop


Maybe we'll know, maybe not


Maybe, maybe



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