Western Hero 1994 Neil Young
เพลงWestern Hero

ศิลปิน: Neil Young

อัลบัม: Sleeps With Angels

ออกเมื่อ: 16-08-1994

Western Hero (LP Version) - Neil Young

Frontier town, home of the westren hero


Frontier justice, dealt with the iron hand


He wore a long coat to the ground


He wore big boots that made a sound


He wore a six gun on his hip


But now he doesnt carry it


Sure enough, he was a western hero


On the deck, sighting an old jap zero


And on the shores at normandy


He fought for you, he fought for me


Across the land and on the sea


But now hes just a memory


And in the distance, the rockets red glare


The bombs burst in the air


This time were never going back


Through the years he changed somehow


Hes different now


Hes different now


Open fire, here comes the western hero


Standing there, big money in his hand


Sure enough, he was a western hero, sure enough



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