Salt Lake City 2001 The Beach Boys
เพลงSalt Lake City

ศิลปิน: The Beach Boys

อัลบัม: Hawthorne, CA

ออกเมื่อ: 10-05-2001

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Salt Lake City (Stereo Remix) (2001 Digital Remaster) - The Beach Boys (海滩男孩)

Down in Utah the guys and I dig a city called Salt Lake

It's got the grooviest kids that's why we never get tired of Salt Lake


And the way the kids talk so cool is an out of sight thing

And the number one radio station makes the town really swing yeah


Salt Lake City we'll be coming soon


There's a park near the city yeah all the kids dig the lagoon now

It's full of all kinds of girls and rides and we'll be flyin' there soon now

And girl for girl they've got the cutest of the western states yeah

They got the sun in the summer and winter time the skiing is great yeah


Salt Lake City we'll be coming soon


Salt Lake City we'll be coming soon


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