Powers and Stuff

Czarface, Ghostface Killah14 ก.พ. 2019



Your best **** ain't better than his worst verse,and

CZARFACE a triple threat, he rhyme in third person

And he's a cannibal, about to eat his third person

You as genuine as "Pony," the karaoke version

Now you're 'lone, don't give a f*ck if we connect

I'll bet you with a dying phone

I dust brothers like early Beck

I'm comfy on my iron throne

Word on the street that the god you pray to

And kneel to's an Esoteric clone, but I feel you

If he test human, education against lies

Do it in here, you shot the K, harass you

The more Supreme made his Mona Lisas

CZARFACE loyal, stick to my guns like Bautista

PTSD 'cause my son writes my features

I'm kidding, settle down, but up the bidding

I'm wig splitting

I'll chop your head quicker than troop does

You're washed up like bedtime kids, you're useless

Electric toothbrush, the level your buzz be

I do it on my own,you need a clique like Buzzfeed (CZAR)

Be up in the house like domestics

I wreck ****, then **** on **** that's your best ****

(CZARFACE, Ghostface, CZARFACE, Ghostface)

Yo, man, yo, man

Oh, yo

Ready for action like I was shootin' a movie scene

Rebel INS, your highness, star of your groupie dream

Fire fighters struggle to put my flames out

Murder verse workin' your head like takin' braids out

More smoke than the **** man, indeed, man

Even Doc Strange fascinated with these hands

My alma mater from the school of hard knockers

Today's special, grilled medulla oblongata

Like Harold Melvin, I'm always with them blue notes

Rappers get exposed to the waves from standin' too close

When I spray the gift, the pavement split

Such an anomaly

I'm still bein' chased by Agent Smith (Praise CZAR)

Still major in this, still dangerous

Still get the bills in the mail, y'all still paperless

No need for mollies and Percs 'cause I'm already gone

Peaky blinder on, a born soldier like Freddie Thorne

(CZARFACE, Ghostface, CZARFACE, Ghostface)

Yo, man, (CZARFACE) yo, man


(CZARFACE has got the powers and stuff)

Son, I walk through the night with a cat-like vision

Precision, you get smashed like a head-on collision

Only division starts, enterprise, you built machinery

Woo Goo pharmacy, burnin' that greenery

Check the scenery, one point five at the jeweler

Slick like Rick, Rick slick like the Bueller

Chain is off the cooler, charm look like a shrunken head

X-rayed your cheap ass chain, it came out lead

Code red, we settin' off alarms, verbal bombs

First b*tch is a floozy, second's a charm

We bear arms, burners like Battlestar Galactica

Prison mentality, we do more dirt than (Attica)

Rahway, Sing Sing, Auburn, Mohawk

Loudmouth ****** get murdered over a phone call

Still gettin' our burgundy and gray on

We colorful like that box of 64 crayons


It's a small island


He's here somewhere

CZARFACE has got the powers and stuff

He could be anywhere on the island or in the island

But I'm going to find him

What happened? He slapped me in the face