Winter's Love

My Life As Ali Thomas

22 ก.ย. 2016


Song : Winter's Love

Artist : My Life As Ali Thomas


Won't you please

It's a wreck without your love

How can you just go on and leave me


Oh I just won't do without you


How can I make you stay

Or don't you remember

Once upon a December

I was your sun and moon


Let this song goes


Winter, hold this love of mine

Magic and the moonlight

Keep a heart and seconds untold

I know they'll let you fall

Let you fall

Fall in heavy on me all over again

Oh winter winds

before I'm forever waiting

In a song you heard so fine

Once upon a December


Let this song goes


Winter's love this love of mine

Just not enough to change a mind

If I'd littered the skies with lonely hearts

Will it let you fall

Let you fall

Fall in heavy on me

Your love a sweet poetry

I can't love another

Darlin' if songs could convince you

Then this one's for you