Oh, Come to Me

Bertie Higgins9 ก.ค. 2012


Oh Come to Me - Bertie Higgins


Oh come to me my precious one


Oh can't you see love has begun


The wind blows so cold outside the world's a raging storm


Here you can hide so safe and warm


Oh come to me


From that first day I saw your face


There was no way I could erase the sacred sculptor's hand


His divine potter's touch his master plan


That I'd love you so much

Oh come to me


So here am I heart on my sleeve


I'd surely die if you ever leave me

Darling believe me I'm just a man my love


Strong and true more than enough


Oh come to me


So come to me my little one


Light of my life my morning sun

The candle that lights my way through the darkest night


For the rest of my days for the rest of my life


Oh come to me