Swingin In Da Whip

Da Beatfreakz, Giggs21 ก.ย. 2018

Swingin In Da Whip (Explicit) - Da Beatfreakz/Giggs

Written by:Malcolm Olagundoye/Nathaniel Thompson/Obi Ebele/Uche Ebele

Yeah ahh






Bunning my ganja


And I've got something shiny under my jumper


Man just woke up that lion out of my slumber


Better add a couple more zeros and we fronted that number


Hollowman ain't no godd**n hero I'm just getting more crunker


N**gas getting softer than bambi yeah they getting more thumper


Giving that flexy big up that stunter


This is that OG so I give them that hunger


Flexy flexy flexy flexy flexy flexing


I got sexy sexy sexy sexy b**ches sexing


I just walked in stepped out dressed up brushed off quickly stepped in


Yeah that sexy chick tanika yes that's when she met him jheeze

Bunning that loud one with that cloud


N**gas talk greazy running that down


Come with that foul play man's doneing that now


Man are all Giggs' children they run with that style


Shout my bro Drake them n**gas run with that owl


You try run up that growl wah wah run up and bloaw


I've got n**gas that's ready and greazy gully and vile


N**gas talk beef man running that cow


Come with that wild come with that wow


Talk about that ring ring trap sh*t I'm the number that dials


I'm a brother that smiles cover that ground


N**ga that's bait cover that pound


Buh slap when I say so


Back for the pesos


Black for the A holes


I won't even talk about fees but it's mad for the stage show yeah


Sicker with the gift


Slicker with the wrist


Please don't get your knickers in a twist


Gorillas in the mist


N**ga you a snitch

Put b**th n**gas in a ditch


Give them little bricks

Small tiny give them little bits


I've got n**gas in the field rider's b**th n**ga you a witch


Who the f**k you think you're talking to skinny little prick


N**ga banging whippin excursion swinging in the whip