new lesson (timon, pumbaa & young simba interlude)

Billy Eichner, JD McCrary19 ก.ค. 2019


Song: new lesson (timon, pumbaa & young simba interlude)

Artist: Billy Eichner/Seth Rogan/JD McCrary

JD McCrary:

Who are you

Seth Rogen:

I'm Pumbaa

This is Timon

Billy Eichner:

Look kid

Bad things happen

And you can't do anything about it right

JD McCrary:


Billy Eichner:


When the world turns its back on you

You turn your back on the world

Seth Rogen:

Only embrace what's next

Billy Eichner:

And turn the "what" into "so what"

JD McCrary:

Well that's not what I was taught

Billy Eichner:

Well then maybe you need a new lesson

Repeat after me kid

Hakuna Matata