Amor6 พ.ย. 2012



Kiss - Marylin Monroe/Yves Montand/Frankie Vaughan

(Kiss kiss me)


(Hold hold me)

(Kiss me hold me kiss me hold me)


Kiss kiss me


Say you miss miss me


Kiss me love with heavenly affection


Hold hold me close to you


Hold me see me through


With all your heart's protection


Thrill thrill me


With your charms


Take me in your arms


And make my life perfection


Kiss kiss me darling


Then kiss me once again


Make my dreams come true


(Hold me take me thrill me kiss me)


(This is the moment oh thrill me)


Thrill me thrill me ng ng(with your charms)


Take me take me (in your arms)


And make my life perfection


Take me darling don't foresake me


Kiss me


Hold me tight


Love me love me tonight(kiss me)

Hold me take me love me kiss me

Kiss me kiss me