Livin Like Hustlers

Above The Law1 ม.ค. 1970

Livin Like Hustlers - Above The Law

Written by:Stewart Sylvester/Hutchinson Gregory/Jones Quincy/Gulley Kevin/Cosby Bill


Here we go here we go

Wake your motherf**king a** up

This is radio station KM G 187 on your dial

And what I want you to do is tune in at 5 o'clock

And listen to the homeboys

Total k and oss and Go Mack they'll gonna be rocking

And banging them b**ches on the traffic jam

Next stop be your music right after these messages


Are you tired of looking whack


Do you wanna look cool


Are you tired of people being in your business


Well you need not worry again get some locs


That's right some locs


For amazically low price of 499

Now available to hear south central liquor store

Yeah this radio station KM G

And whenever you wanna hear some funky sh*t put your dial on 187

Now some new music by some homeboys out of south central

Here's A T L and they called this one livin' like hustlers


Let me start it off because I'm a player

Fade into part two I'm the number one whore layer

A Mack a player and a pimp


Something much stronger than your average drink

Now correct me if I'm wrong I'm like moonshine

Take a sip of my rhyme and I'll take over your mind

Cause I don't think like the average thinker

Call me the nightstalker of your neighborhood head Shriner

187 is like a megablast


I take too many names I kick too much a**

Km G the number one Mack daddy

Eating chicken like a motherf**ker rolling in my caddy

With my brim cold bent to the side I bump and slide

Go Mack in the back 187 to the side

Street pilgrims pioneering the land

Above the law status with a gat in my hand

A mind designed like Frank Nitty

Living large on the mic doing damage for the city

The city of toners which is known as L A

Where the hustlers hustle and the ballers play

We got the d**e beats from the homeboy Dre

And it had to be done how the ruthless way

187 what's up

What do we do at our show

We wear black on black with the Locs and the Romeos

Start stepping unload my mic weapon

We say it's fitting you think it's hitting


K M G means knowledge most greatly

Some people like me most people hate me

In other words I kick my gift

Do you be sleeping KM G

No I don't drift

I lounge or lay because suckers take advantage

Yo what do we do to them

Yo we're doing damage

Because we not punks fools sissies or busters

And the way that we live is like hustlers


Ooohh lord living like a hustler


Ooohh lord living like a hustler


I used to sell big llello on the block


That when all the hardheads gain on hard knocks


I started with Gs and then I moved to keys

And at this point my life went with ease

In other words my pockets was thick

I didn't worry about the feds I was checking the mitt

Pull a swoop to Farouk got dressed to please

Got the crib pimped out so that the b**ches flee

I bought a ride what kind

A white corvette

So I can do a ghost move when it's time to jet

When I was nineteen I was on my own

Hooked up big connections on my mobile phone

At home or maybe on my person


To clock big Gs I'd be definitely certain

To live the lifestyle the luxury the freaks the frills

Yo you was living kind of large man

On the real deals was being made

Suckers was getting sprayed

In other words we was getting paid


Like hustlers


Ooohh lord living like a hustler


Ooohh lord living like a hustler


Let me proceed because I got the green light

For the numero Uno 87 it must be hype

For now let me lay the cards on the table

So you can figure out who's worried or stable


I max and tax and relax and stack Gs

Stick that to the facts that's why I crack them with ease

Please get off the convoy I think you're confused

When you cross I told you you'd get tossed and you lose

Now A B O V E L A W to some people

Yo that spells trouble

But we're not a group promoting violence


But when it comes to speaking the real I won't be silent

Speak all reality when I'm on the mic

So you don't have to run and have a stereotype

See see cause stereotypes will make you dumb


So kick back and listen yo to the knowledge that's grump

See the law has provided me the KM G

That's complex with the style but done easily

Pitch a b**ch if I have to you know why

I'm undercover doing dirt I'm a hell of a spy

Now numero 187 is a detonator deadly than a hand grenade

Much harder than a fool to fade

Not a forty not a quart or a six pack

Me K M G Total Kaos and Go Mack

Cause I unload my weapon with force

Yeah I'm never detected I live respected

As a baller a player or a pimp


Yo pass me the forty I commence to dent


A sissy soft sucker with no title


Unplug the machine 187 is vital

Like a Beretta with a mega clip

With a silencer on it with the hollow point tip

But that is our business on that we won't dwell

We make records for you to learn listen and tell

Tell your mammas tell a friend tell a fool or a jerk

Tell them KM G people it's time to put in some work

Like hustlers


Oooh lord living like a hustler


Oooh lord living like a hustler