Colour The Small One

Sia1 ม.ค. 2004 11 เพลง
เกี่ยวกับ Colour The Small One
Genres: Pop,  Alternative, Rock
Released: 13 April 2004
2004, 2005 Systemtactic Limited t/a Go! Beat under exclusive license to Astralwerks

最新专辑Colour The Small One围绕一个女孩子的执着,希望、失望、罪疚感,以及如何面对自己的人生。你会否觉得这张专辑太伤悲了?「是真的吗?我意思是去做一些使人舒服的歌 曲。」她睁着铜铃的大眼睛问。但不论如何,温柔的“Breathe Me”以及电影感的“Don't Bring Me Down”,足以证明悲伤也可以是一种心灵治疗。男友的去世,让SIA的生命弄得一团糟,脑海里的感觉搅成一块,所以她的作品都渗出一种苦涩的寂寞。在聆 听Sia这张新专辑《Colour The Small One》时,你仿佛可以感觉到这位邻家女孩在你耳边呢喃细语,诉说着周遭事物带给她敏感心灵的快乐与忧伤。整张专辑犹如她个人的私密日记,由轻声低吟的口 琴前奏衍生的Sunday,牵引出了诗儿甜美中渗入慵懒低迷的歌声特质;而她的歌声在童话故事般的The Bully中又转变成带着稚气可爱的甜美,是少女心事的柔柔倾诉。在洛杉矶遇上才子BECK,很自然的就产生了与BECK的首个音乐结晶“The Bully”。随意懒慵的唱腔,像把急速的城市节奏重新调整,也恰好反映SIA的心情:我不要做天皇巨星,压力太大了,不停的拍照使我紧张得想找整容医 生。我只想写一张属于自己的唱片,关于一个瘦小,奇怪的女孩。虽然慢熟,但真实。 

It was re-released 10 January 2006 in the United States, after the track "Breathe Me" became popular on alternative radio, following its feature as the closing song in the series finale of the HBO drama Six Feet Under.
In the UK, the proper first single "Breathe Me" (second release after "Don't Bring Me Down") reached a respectable #71 on the charts in May 2004, whilst the third single "Where I Belong" failed to make any impact. The fourth and final single "Numb" went largely unnoticed.
When it was released in 2004, "Breathe Me" was the first single across most of the world, while "Don't Bring Me Down" was the second.
In promotion of the album, Go Beat produced a making-of video which can be found on YouTube.
Due to a re-surfacing of popularity with "Breathe Me" in the United States, it was re-released in the U.S. "Breathe Me" gained popularity on alternative rock and alternative adult radio stations in early and mid-spring.
In 2007, "Breathe Me" was used in television commercials for Cooper University Hospital of South New Jersey, USA.
In April 2008, "Breathe Me" was featured on the German soap opera, Verbotene Liebe when gay supercouple Christian Mann and Oliver Sabel embraced as lovers for the first time on German television. Also, in October 2008, whilst at the Tokyo Game Show Ubisoft revealed a trailer for their upcoming video-game Prince of Persia which used the track "Breathe Me".
Many of the commercials on NBC for the 2008 Summer Olympics featured clips of "Breathe Me" and the song was also used for Coca-Cola commercials during the 2010 Winter Olympics.
"Numb" was featured on an episode of Nip/Tuck (Season 3, Episode #33 "Rhea Reynolds"), played at the close of the episode.
It is also regularly used in the British TV series Holby City and has been played in the popular British soap Hollyoaks several times. It has also been used in an episode of The Hills.
"Sunday" was the second single in the United States.

1. Rewrite
2. Sunday
3. Breathe Me
4. The Bully
5. Sweet Potato
6. Don't Bring Me Down
7. Natale's Song
8. Butterflies
9. Moon
10. The Church Of What's Happening Now
11. Numb
12. Where I Belong
13. Broken 
14. Sea Shells
15. Breathe Me (Four Tet Remix)
16. Breathe Me (Ulrich Schnauss Remix)