The Greatest Hits

Ice Cube1 ม.ค. 2001 17 เพลง
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Ok let's be honest. We all know his songs like "Bow Down" & his reunited N.W.A. tracks will make you blow those factory speakers in your Yugo, but where's the other Ice Cube? If he would've done this right - as a box set - he could've added some of the stuff us real fans love: songs like "I Wanna Kill Sam", "Cave B*tch", and countless others that really make you want to start a sequel of the 1992 L.A. riots in your own lily white subdivision. Oh well, i guess there's always a chance we'll see a volume 2 in stores soon. My only beef with this album was the first new song he included on it. It's not even worthy of being on his 3rd greatest hits cd. Finally, if you're looking for another greatest hits compilation to buy i would highly recommend the "Skee-lo's greatest hits" cd. It's nice to have an entire cd i can listen to while i microwave popcorn.