I'm Outta Time

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I'm Outta Time" is a song by English rock band Oasis, featured on their 2008 seventh studio album Dig Out Your Soul. The second single from the album, succeeding "The Shock of the Lightning", "I'm Outta Time" was written by lead vocalist Liam Gallagher and released on 1 December 2008.
The song has been noted as one of the highlights of the album by fans, as well as the band themselves, with guitarist Noel Gallagher labelling it "deceptively brilliant". It has also been praised by music critics, with NME calling it a return to form, and comparing it to the music of Oasis-admired rock band The Beatles.
It charted at #12 in the UK Singles Chart - the first Oasis single to miss the top ten since 1994, ending the band's streak of 22 consecutive top tens. This is in keeping with the recent trend for post album release singles by many successful acts such as The Feeling, James Blunt and The Kooks making notably low showings in the UK Singles Chart due to the increased competition downloads have brought.
The song features a short speech sample from John Lennon taken from one of his very last interviews in 1980. The speech sample says: "As Churchill said, it's every Englishman's inalienable right to live where the hell he likes. What's it going to do, vanish? Is it not going to be there when I get back?".