Try A Little Tenderness 2018 Aretha Franklin
TracksTry A Little Tenderness

Artist: Aretha Franklin

Album: Songs for Songwriters

Release time: 06-12-2018

Try A Little Tenderness - Aretha Franklin (艾瑞莎·弗兰克林)

I may get weary

Women do geat weary

Wearing the same shabby dress


But to on who's weary

Try a little

Try a little tenderness


Oh oh oh

I may be waiting

Just anticipating

All of the things

I may never possess

Mmm but while I'm waiting

Try a little

Try a little tenderness


I may be I may be sentimental

But I wanna say

That I've had my griefs

Oh and I've had my cares


And just a good word

Soft and gentle

Makes it makes it easier

Easier to bear

Now I might forget it

Oh but don't let me forget it

Love's all my whole

Whole happiness

Mmm and it's so so easy

Try a little

Oh try a little tenderness

Tender tender tenderness

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