Fortune Teller (Tell Me) 2013 Lamont Dozier
TracksFortune Teller (Tell Me)

Artist: Lamont Dozier

Album: Soul Summer in Philadelphia

Release time: 14-06-2013

went to the fortune teller

to have my fortune read

i didn't know what to tell her

i had a dizzy feeling in my head


took a look at my palm

she said "son do you feel kind of warm?"

and she looked into her crystal ball

she said "you're in love."


how could that be so

i thought of the girls who i know.

said when the next one arrives

you'll be looking into her eyes.


i left there in a hurry

and looking forward to my big surprise

the next thing i discovered

that the fortune teller told me lies

i hurried back to that woman

as mad as i could be

i said i didn't see nobody

why she had made a fool out of me

then something sruke me

as if it came down from above

well,looking at the fortune teller

and i fell in love


***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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