Gert's Lullaby 2018 Siddhartha Khosla; Ariela Barer
TracksGert's Lullaby

Artist: Siddhartha Khosla; Ariela Barer

Album: Runaways

Release time: 12-01-2018

Gert's Lullaby (《离家童盟》电视剧插曲) - Siddhartha Khosla/Ariela Barer

Written by:Siddhartha Khosla/Ariela Barer


Let's go to sleep


There is a dream we can share


Just you and me


In a floating sea in the air


What's left below


We'll never know


You are the moon


In a quiet night terrified


Reach for the cloud


I will be around and by your side


What's left below


We'll never know


There's worlds to go

***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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