My Favorite Girl (Album Version) 2013 New Kids On The Block
TracksMy Favorite Girl (Album Version)

Artist: New Kids On The Block

Album: Original Album Classics

Release time: 16-09-2013

Artist:new kids on the block

Songs Title:my favorite girl


My favorite girl oh she's my favorite girl don't you know

My favorite girl oh she's my favorite girl


You walked into my life your love was so new


And nothing will ever change my feelings for you


Well you were so far away now I am close to you girl


So let us run away our heart thats waiting will stay


My favorite


Theres so much I like in you I can't go on


I wanted a girl like you I've looked so long


Girl nothing will make us wrong I know our love is too strong


Lets leave the rest behind our dreams ask what we will find


My favorite


My favorite


She's my favorite girl the one I'm always thinking of that one


My favorite girl the one I love


My favorite

***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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