Let My Baby Stay 2017 Amandla Stenberg
TracksLet My Baby Stay

Artist: Amandla Stenberg

Album: Everything, Everything

Release time: 17-05-2017

Let My Baby Stay (让宝宝留下来) (《一切的一切》电影插曲) - Amandla Stenberg

Written by:Mac DeMarco


I was made to love her been working at it


Half of my life I've been an addict


And she's been good to me


Far as I can tell she's happy


Living with her Macky


So please don't take my love away


So please don't take please don't take


Where would I be feeling lonely


Separated from my one and only


And what's there left to say


Far as I can tell that day could be on its way


So please don't take my love away


Let my baby stay let my baby stay


Let my baby stay

***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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