Losing Something 2017 The Babe Rainbow (AUS)
TracksLosing Something

Artist: The Babe Rainbow (AUS)

Album: The Babe Rainbow (AUS)

Release time: 01-09-2017

Losing Something - The Babe Rainbow (AUS)

Written by:Angus Dowling/Jack Crowther/Lucas Labrosse


Pack your bags we're leaving soon

Be here now we'll take you too

'Cross the sea not coming back

You wouldn't believe in what you have in front of you


Back into the ocean move

Doesn't make a lot more true

Still life comes and silver dawn draws near


Young arrow cool breeze and blue spirit


Rose up over the mountain

And looked down on the valley below


The high tide of romance that gifts to a garden


Nowhere to run but up here now like a feeling


You've got to get your head up here

With me in the stratosphere

Teapot tone in the lover's shack

But who knows when we'll be back again

Yeah yeah yeah


Merrily we'll roam the lawn

Di doo da di doo doo dum

Losing something is finding something else

***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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