Motivation Foreign (Skit) 2016 A$AP Mob
TracksMotivation Foreign (Skit)

Artist: A$AP Mob

Album: Cozy Tapes: Vol. 1 Friends -

Release time: 31-10-2016


Motivation Foreign (Skit) (Explicit) - A$AP Mob

Listen here Sheron mmm hmm now a ni**a done showed you everything

You know what I'm saying

Just in the spot with my partners yeah you feel me

So I'm thinking about taking this sh*t to the next level

I'm thinking about know what I'm saying

A whole 'nother country with you baby know what I'm saying

Yeah I know thinking about taking your a** to London

I gotta pull up in the foreign in a foreign country

Know what I'm saying and you the perfect one for that

You know what I'm saying no no no no no what

You acting like you ain't feeling what

I'm saying though right now you know what I'm saying

You gotta see the vision you know what I'm saying

No I've you know with flacko out there you know what I'm saying

Them niggas living like jimmy hendrix and sh*t

Motherf**kers getting in all types of sh*t out there

Yeah whatever sure you know what I'm saying

So we gon' pull up

I pull up with you you showing what you working with

No make me look a little bit better you know what I'm saying

And I'll buy you a couple of little things

You know lil shopping and sh*t

Spend a little check you know

What I'm sayi what sorts of things will you buy

Pay attention when I'm tryna' tell you now know what I'm saying

I just showed you everybody who's in the spot

Everybody you know f**k you seen diddy

You seen everybody you know what I'm saying they f**k with me

I f**k with you what you wanna do I've never been to Europe

Pack your sh*t matter of fact don't pack nothing baby maybe

I'll get you whatever you need know what I'm saying

I'll spend this last little ten racks I got oh yeah

I like that you know what I'm saying ok well

Just so we can look good and just you know what you wanna do

You acting like you're nervous yeah I mean

I've got work and other stuff work work yeah

F**k you mean work work you need to work that skirt yeah yeah

You've gotta work with that that's what you need to do mmm

I don't know like what would what would happen if I like

When we got there what am I gonna do f**k what you think

You sh*t I ain't gon' fly you all the way out there like that

I didn't know it was like that I'ma show you the homies and sh*t

You gon' f**k sh*t no I didn't know it was like that

At least f**k me don't f**k them f**k me


Like why I gotta keep reiterating


I don't like saying my sh*t more than two times so look


What I'ma do is I'ma hit my flight connection

She got the booking passes yeah alright you know what I'm saying

I don't I need as long as you got your passport

You got to America so you can sure as hell get to London

You know what I'm saying

***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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