Alyssa Interlude 2017 Vince Staples
TracksAlyssa Interlude

Artist: Vince Staples

Album: Big Fish Theory

Release time: 23-06-2017

Sometimes you have to get all the... all the crap out the way before you hit the good stuff and you're like "OK, I'm getting good stuff now"

But, um, uh, I had a b- I mean, the stuff I write about, what do I really write about?

I've got my w**d songs and all my songs about my boy- uh, my ex-boyfriend, George

Songs about relationships that are kinda doomed from the start

You know, songs about when I fell in love and it went wrong

And I was so in love at the time, you know, I was like...

And I was with someone that I was in love with, you know what I mean? We were in love

You know what I mean? We were together, so-

When it- and that's like a real drug, isn't it? So when it- when it didn't come together, I was just like...

You know? It really hurt

But I needed enough distance from it

So that it wasn't like raw emotion anymore

But not enough distance that I'd forget

I'm quite a self-destructive person, so I guess

I guess if you give me some material...

Raindrops on my windowsill

Longing for your nature's feel

Loved that song when we were kids

Now it makes me want you here

Sometimes, people disappear

Think that was my biggest fear

I should have protected you

Sometimes, I wish it would rain

Sunshine, blue skies

With her went my future

My life is filled with gloom

So day after day

I stay locked up in my room

I know to you

***Lyrics are from third-parties***

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