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Anne Bonny (Explicit)

Death Grips14 Jan 2014

Lirik Anne Bonny (Explicit)

I'm on that v on that yellow pill s**t

*****the deal is

*****kill steal s**t


Yeah I called this dude a *****

Why you have me do this s**t

I done made a *****in mess

Lick it up you stupid *****

Play some *****in music *****

My scabs under my fingernails

Can't help myself don't wanna feel myself

Road kill slung over wicker wheelchair

X amount take me out

Twenty minutes

I'm almost there

Enter high tide blank stare ripples rise

Countem frame by frame

Edge of shore hog tied

Can't wait to *****my brain

All I need to forget is today

Rip current pulls me down by open wounds on my lower left leg

Yeah I called this dude a *****

Look like all he wanna do is switch

Ghost ship ritual double exposed

Delusional tendencies I'm belly up

*****it though I indulge in supremacy

Sixty beggars behind my casket coma

Sub under gaze of sadistic dom

Suck the skin off my teeth

Automaton embalmed

Under breath whisper never go too far


*****I'm gone *****I'm on